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Public premises give warm welcome to breastfeeding mums

Posted Tuesday 27 March 2018

A scheme is encouraging premises that are open to the public to provide a friendly environment for breastfeeding mothers and their families.

The initiative is being co-ordinated by Newport City Council on behalf of the One Newport, the public services board.

It has been working with businesses and organisations in the city to develop the new breastfeeding welcome scheme. A number have already agreed to be part of the scheme and will display a breastfeeding welcome logo.

They include Tiny Rebel, The Riverfront, Mrs T's in Beechwood Park and Horton's café.

Councillor David Mayer, Newport City Council's cabinet member for community and resources, said: "It's great that several business and organisations have agreed to take part in the scheme.

"While it is illegal to discriminate against those who want to breastfeed in public places, we don't want mothers and their families to feel tolerated or pushed into a corner. It is important that they are able to carry out this most natural of functions in an environment that is both welcoming and friendly.

"This could be as simple as prominently displaying the logo so all customers are aware the premises supports breastfeeding or offering a comfortable chair to a mum who wants to feed their child.

"A council employee has spent several months visiting businesses and other public premises and holding awareness sessions for staff.

"Well done to those who are already involved and the council would like to hear from other businesses and organisations that would like to be part of this excellent scheme."

One Newport is made up of a range of partners including the council, Aneurin Bevan University Hospital Health Board and Gwent Police.

Find premises that are part of the breastfeeding welcome scheme 

If you would like to be involved email

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