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One Newport actively seeks the views and opinions of residents about activity through its Citizens Panel and public surveys.

Involve Newport Citizens Panel

Involve Newport is a panel of Newport residents who give their views on a range of topics about local services and life in Newport through regular surveys.  The panel currently has around 700 members.

Join the Panel

If you live in Newport and would like to have a say on services and key issues, why not join the Involve Newport Citizens Panel?  You would receive around four questionnaires each year asking for your opinions and suggestions on services affecting the city and its residents.  We would like particularly to increase membership from currently under-represented groups on the Panel: Young people, LGBTQ+, minority ethnic and disabled communities.

If you wish to apply to join the panel please apply via the My Newport portal.

For information on what we do with your personal data please view our Privacy Notice (pdf).

A Resource for Partners

One Newport partners can include questions within our panel surveys. Please email to discuss.

The aim of the panel is to provide a platform through which residents' views on local services can be accurately gauged.  It also gives us the opportunity to understand why people’s views are changing and provide opportunities for more focussed research about specific services.

One Newport also supported the community engagement that took place across Gwent to support the development of the Gwent Well-being Assessment and will continue to support in the development of the Gwent Well-being Plan.

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