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One Newport PSB is committed to actively seeking the views and opinions of residents about all policies and decisions made, and about how we can make improvements in the future.

To support the PSB and its partners to take a joined-up approach to engagement and to encourage local communities to take part, a One Newport Engagement and Participation Strategy had been produced.

Thanks to all those who took part in the engagement sessions on the impact and recovery of Covid-19 run by Newport City Council and Newport Fairness Commision.

Involve Newport Citizens Panel

Involve Newport is the name for a panel of Newport residents who receive regular surveys with the aim to represent the views and opinions of the people within the city. The panel was established by Newport City Council in 2002 and is now used jointly with the council's partners through One Newport.

If members of the partnership would like to include any questions in any of the panel surveys please email.

The aim of the panel is to provide a platform through which residents' views on local services can be accurately gauged.

It also gives us the opportunity to understand why people’s views are changing and provide opportunities for more focussed research about specific services.

The panel currently has around 700 members and anyone living in Newport has the opportunity to join, including young people.

Members are sent around four questions during the year  and are asked for their opinions and suggestions on current services affecting the city and its residents.

If you wish to apply to join the panel please apply via the My Newport portal.

For information on what we do with your personal data, if we share it and how long we keep it can be found in our Privacy Notice.

Topics found within recent panels have included Perception of Newport, Safety in Newport, Support Service for People Aged 55+, Housing Options for Older People, Regional Area Plan, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, Opportunities to use Welsh Socially, Rogerstone Community Council – Canal, Health Services, Explore Newport Market, Newport Transporter Bridge and the Evening and Night-time Economy.

Panel feedback

Feedback is provided to members of the Panel twice a year in the form of a newsletter:  

Hydref 2019 (pdf) / Autumn 2019 (pdf)

Gwanwyn 2019 (pdf) / Spring 2019 (pdf)

Hydref 2018 (pdf) / Autumn 2018 (pdf)

Gwanwyn 2018  (pdf) / Spring 2018 (pdf)

Hydref 2017 (pdf) / Autumn 2017 (pdf)

Gwanwyn 2017 (pdf) / Spring 2017 (pdf)

Hydref 2016 (pdf) / Autumn 2016 (pdf)

Gwanwyn 2016 (pdf) / Spring 2016 (pdf)

Autumn 2015 (pdf) / Summer 2014 (pdf) Spring 2014 (pdf)

Autumn 2013 (pdf), Summer 2013 (pdf) and Spring 2013 (pdf).

The information collected from each survey is used to support and develop policy and improve services.

Results can sometimes be reported in the local media, council and partner organisation publications and press releases, although all responses are treated anonymously.

What you told us

A number of consultations with the public have taken place to support the work of the PSB.

During 2016 to support the Local Assessment of Well-being development we carried out public engagement, which resulted in 397 long surveys and 662 short surveys returned and analysed.

Download the Your Newport Survey 2016 - Long Survey (Results) (pdf)

Download the Your Newport Survey 2016 - Short Survey (Results) (pdf)

Children and young people's well-being assessment

During 2016-17, we consulted with children and young people across the city on their views about social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being.

There were 550 questionnaires returned and analysed.

Download the One Newport CYP Well-being Assessment 2016-17 - Final Results (pdf)

In February and March 2014, One Newport also consulted with children and young people across the city, with 991 questionnaires returned and analysed.

Download the One Newport CYP Needs Assessment 2014 - Summary (pdf)

Download the One Newport CYP Needs Assessment 2014 - Full version (pdf)


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