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Newport Fairness Commission

Fairness Commissions advise local councils on how to make decisions and spend money in as fair a way possible.

They are independent bodies, separate from the council, and made up of members of the community with different kinds of knowledge and experience.

Newport Fairness Commission was set up in 2012 and is the only one in Wales so far.

Read our terms of reference (pdf)

Altogether 31 Fairness Commissions have been established across the UK.

We see our role as being:

  • to talk directly to Newport City Council about the fairness of its decisions and policies - for example, the council's annual draft budget which is published each December
  • to involve the people of Newport in wider conversations and debates about what fairness means and how it can be achieved

Fairness isn't easy. It isn't always obvious what the fairest thing to do is, or how to do it - for us, these challenges make our role all the more important.

We think everyone deserves a fairer community and that all kinds of people in Newport should be involved as much as possible in how that comes about.

On this website you will find further details on who is on Newport Fairness Commission, how you can get involved, materials setting out ways of thinking about what fairness means and examples of our work so far.

We are always glad to hear from people interested in our work and in promoting fairness in Newport.

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