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Full Report of the Fairness Commission

The full report sets out the work of Newport Fairness Commission during it’s first year. 

It sets out the framework for considering fairness related matters and how this was applied by Fairness Commission working groups to the 2013/14 Newport City Council budget and the in-depth consideration of the decision to not close a public library.  

The Full Report also outlines the findings of the public consultation on fairness.  

Due to the length of the document the main report and appendices are available separately with hyperlinks embedded in the report.

Fairness Commission Full Report (pdf)

Appendix 1: reports from working groups on budget proposals 2013/2014 (pdf)

Appendix 2: Newport City Council budget consultation 2013/2014 (pdf)

Appendix 3: NCC Scrutiny reports on the 2013/2014 budget proposals (pdf)

Appendix 4: Fairness Commission consultation responses April 2013 (pdf)

Appendix 5: Press release on library closure proposals April 2013/2014 (pdf)

Appendix 6: Press release on 2013/2014 NCC budget (pdf)

Appendix 7: Library usage data (pdf)

Appendix 8: Library premises data (pdf)

Fairness Commission terms of reference (pdf)

Printed copies are available on request and a Welsh language version is available for download or printed copy on request.
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