HWRC Rules

The HWRC will only accept waste of the type and amount that is usually produced from a household.

Trade waste arising from trades people, business or commercial activity is not accepted at the HWRC.

Large amounts of waste or unacceptable waste types from households or any trade waste should be disposed of through alternative outlets, e.g. waste management companies, private skip hire.

Householders are limited to a maximum four refuse sacks in the landfill skips 

Residents can recycle a wide range of materials through Wastesavers weekly kerbside collection, at the HWRC and bring sites and should not need to dispose of a large number of sacks containing normal household rubbish to landfill.

Materials should be pre-sorted and placed in the correct recycling container

This avoids sending recyclable or hazardous waste to landfill and maximises the amount of materials recycled, please ask site staff for guidance. 

Vans are not allowed to use the HWRC

Car trailers up to 1.2m x 1.2m are allowed, not larger capacity/ commercial trailers which are used by traders for commercial use.

Car trailers are restricted by size as this keeps acceptable quantities of waste within the four refuse sacks rule.

Plastic sacks and bags should not be put in the recycling or composting containers.  

DIY waste material including hardcore and rubble

Residents may bring reasonable quantities from small scale DIY activity.

Large quantities of building waste from house renovations etc is not classed as household waste and alternative disposal methods are advised, e.g. private skip hire

Do not stand on or beyond the railings to reach into the skips

Barrier railings help keep site users safe. Materials are not to be removed from skips.

Proof of Newport residence may be required

HWRC staff may ask residents questions if hazardous or large amounts of waste are brought in or if frequent visits are made.

No entry within 15 minutes of closing time

This allows time for residents already using the HWRC to unload and for site staff to clear and lock up. 

Residents must seek advice from the council before bringing any material that maybe classed as hazardous household waste to the HWRC.

Some materials are classed as hazardous and require special handling and storage and must be delivered to the site in a safe manner and deposited as directed by site staff.

Verbal or physical assaults on staff will not be tolerated

Staff will apply these rules to ensure a secure environment for all site users.

A CCTV system is in operation at all times and anyone assaulting staff will be reported to the police.