Drainage Problems

Reporting faults

Report missing or broken manhole covers, or drain and sewer problems 

Blocked drains/ gullies

Newport City Council is responsible for the highway surface water drains (i.e. gullies that allow the water to drain away from the roads and paths).

If the problem relates to a foul drain on private land (i.e. not a storm water drain) contact Dwr Cymru Welsh Water on 0800 085 3968

Sewers on private property, as far as the connection to the main sewer, are the responsibility of the owner.

The council will deal with blockages and enquiries about highway surface water drains or gullies on an adopted road or footpath.

Report flooding or a drainage problem

Lost items

If you drop something valuable (i.e. keys) down a drain please contact the council.

Lost items will be looked for as part of normal work routines and cannot be given special priority.

There is a fee for this service.