Ship sanitation certificates

Ship sanitation certificates (SSC) are issued by Newport City Council, as Port Health Authority, to identify and record all areas of ship-borne public health risks, together with any required control measures to be applied.

Certificates are valid for six months and can be renewed at any port authorised to issue renewals.

Fees from 1 April 2024

Gross tonnage Cost £
Up to 1000 135
1001 to 3000 185
3001 to 10000 270
10001 to 20000 355
20001 to 30000 450
Over 30000 520
Vessels with a capacity to carry between
50 and 1000 persons
Vessels with a capacity to carry more than
1000 persons

Extra charges, based on actual costs, may be added for launch hire, out-of-hours duty, travel and re-inspections of ships subject to control measures.

Extension certificates are £105.

Request a Ship Sanitation Certificate