Noise nuisance

If you experience problems with loud, repeated noise causing upset and disturbance you can take action including reporting to Newport City Council. 

Please note, we cannot deal with complaints about noisy children, door slamming or traffic noise

Before complaining you should speak with the person or business causing the noise as they may not realise that they are causing a disturbance and will often want to help. 

How we deal with noise complaints

Domestic - loud music, barking dogs, DIY

Commercial - construction sites, licensed premises 

House and car alarms


Street noise

Noise from military or civil aircraft

Diary sheets

Report a noise nuisance 

How to keep your noise down

Reduce your own noise levels at home by following these guidelines: 

  • Don't have speakers on the walls
  • Make sure you can hear the doorbell over the music or TV
  • Keep volume levels low late at night
  • Tell your neighbours if you are having a party
  • Do not leave your dog alone for long periods of time
  • If your dog is barking, check and quieten it
  • Do not use your washing machine or tumble dryer late at night
  • If you are returning from a night out keep noise levels down - close car doors gently and speak quietly
  • Above all be reasonable if your neighbour approaches you with a problem

Protect your hearing

Exposure to extremely loud music for hours at a time can damage your hearing and be hard to notice until it is too late and the damage is permanent.

As a guide, you should be able to talk to someone who is two metres away from you without shouting. 

If you can't hear properly or have ringing in your ears after an event then the levels of noise were probably too high. 

Use headphones to listen to music sparingly and be careful with the volume - make sure you can hear background sounds too. 

Visit Action on Hearing Loss

Visit British Tinnitus Association