Domestic noise

Read about how we deal with noise complaints

Dog barking

Persistent dog barking is not acceptable by law but before you make a complaint to the council you should visit your neighbours to explain the situation - they may not be aware that there is a problem.  

If the barking continues after you've spoken with your neighbours you could make a complaint to the council.

Report a noise nuisance

Home improvements (DIY)

As many people work during the day domestic home improvements tend to take place in the evening or at the weekend. 

We recommend that noisy building works or domestic home improvements should not normally start before 8am Monday to Saturday and 10am on Sunday, public and bank holidays.

All noisy works should stop before 9pm and should not take place during the early hours of the morning or late evening so as not to cause a statutory noise nuisance to residents.  

Report a noise nuisance