Diary sheets

Completing noise nuisance diary sheets helps to record valuable information about when the noise occurs.  

The information recorded may also be used as evidence in any proceedings and so it is vital that the diary sheets are comprehensive, accurate and relevant.

Download noise nuisance diary sheets (pdf) 

Guidelines for completing the sheets

  • Make sure the date and time are correct and that the day and date correspond
  • If the noise occurs over two days (i.e. 11pm Saturday until 4am Sunday), either give only the start date or both
  • For intermittent noise like dog barking, try to give as accurate an indication of the pattern as possible
  • Do not record every noise, keep the diary entries short, to the point, and restricted to noise which is excessive and unreasonable only
  • You may need to keep diary sheets for a considerable period of time and in many cases until the problem is solved

If your complaint is being investigated please send your diary sheets to the investigating officer every seven to ten days so that the situation can be monitored - please keep in touch.