Air Quality Management Areas

Where air quality standards have been breached an air quality management area (AQMA) must be declared.  

Air quality monitoring has identified a number areas that are exceeding the air quality standards for nitrogen dioxide.

A number of changes to the city's AQMAs came into effect on 1 July 2018 and Newport has 11 AQMAs: 

  • Caerleon (AQMA amended)
  • Malpas Road south (AQMA amended)
  • Chepstow Road / Clarence Place / Caerleon Road (AQMA amended and combined)
  • Cefn Road (new AQMA)
  • Caerphilly Road (new AQMA)
  • George Street (new AQMA) 

AQMAs along the M4: 

  • Royal Oak Hill (no change)
  • Glasllwch (no change)
  • St Julians (no change)
  • High Cross (new AQMA)
  • Shaftesbury (no change)         

Malpas Road north has been revoked as monitoring data has shown no excessive pollution in this area for a number of years.

View a location map of Newport's AQMAs 


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TRA95710 07/01/2019