It is a legal requirement for your dog to wear a collar and tag but these can be easily lost or removed.

A microchip inserted under the skin on your dog’s neck is a safe way to provide permanent identification for your dog

Microchipping is a painless process and can be done by your vet or by a trained dog warden or handler at Newport City Dogs Home for a fee of £12.

All dogs re-homed from Newport City Dogs Home are microchipped.

How microchipping works

Dogs recovered by the dog control service are scanned at the council’s dogs home.

If the dog has a microchip the national database is consulted to find the owner’s details so they can be contacted and reunited with their dog.

Remember to keep your contact details up to date if you move house or change telephone number so that you can be contacted if your missing dog is found.

Make sure your dog has a collar with a disk attached with up to date contact details as required by law.

To arrange for your dog to be microchipped at Newport City Dogs Home contact Newport City Council online or by email