SEN annual review

A child's Statement has to be reviewed every year or every six months for children under five years old.

The annual review meeting is usually held in the child's school and everyone involved is invited or asked to send their written comments.

It is very important that a child's parent or guardian attend the review meeting.

At the meeting any changes in the child's circumstances will be recorded and the child's progress discussed.

The meeting will consider whether the Statement is still appropriate. 

At the end of the review meeting a clear set of targets for the school and child to work towards should have been agreed.

Transition reviews take place in years 1, 5 and 9 as the child moves to junior school, high school and from school into adult life.

A report summing up the annual review meeting will be sent to everyone who attended the meeting and to the council.

At the council, we will contact the parent or guardian to let them know if we agree with the recommendations and will ask if there are any changes in provision or placement.


For further information contact the SEN coordinator at your child's school or email and the education inclusion team will get back to you.