Note in Lieu

A Note in Lieu is a document written in place of a Statement of special educational needs (SEN) and is not a legal document.

If the council decides that your child's needs can be met with the support being provided by the school, a Note in Lieu will be issued which will:

  • describe your child's educational needs
  • give reasons why a Statement has not been written
  • suggest how the school could meet your child's needs
  • describe your child's other needs

Copies of all the advice and reports received as part of the statutory assessment will be sent to you with the Note in Lieu.

Help and support

If you think that the decision to issue a Note in Lieu is wrong please contact us below.

The school will also be able to give help and support.

SNAP Cymru provides an independent parent partnership service.

You have the right to appeal against this decision to the Special Educational Tribunal of Wales 


For further information contact the SEN coordinator at your child's school or email and the education inclusion team will get back to you.