Jubilee Park FAQs

Proposal to establish a new primary school on the Jubilee Park development - frequently asked questions

Update 10 January 2017

You have stated that the nursery class will open initially for only 15 children, and yet there are more than 15 children of that age living on the development. How will they be accommodated?

The nursery will open with capacity for 15 full time equivalent children, meaning that 30 children can be accommodated in total over a part-time morning or afternoon session. If the council receives more than 30 applications, places will be allocated in accordance with the published over-subscription criteria (pdf).  

You have stated that the new school will open in September 2017 and yet the building appears to look far from completion. What are the contingency plans?

The developer has an agreed schedule for delivery of the project and has complete responsibility for this timeline. The council is assured that the school will be delivered during the summer term 2017 to be opened to pupils in September 2017.  

The proposed timeline does not allow for an experienced headteacher to be appointed. How will this be accommodated?

Under this proposal, the new school will be a stand-alone school with its own headteacher and governing body. Responsibility for appointment of a suitable headteacher will lie with the temporary governing body which will be established once a final decision is granted.  

Why is the new school being established as English-medium rather than Welsh-medium?

The process for establishing a new school is through a Cabinet Member for Education and Young People decision to take forward a regulated statutory consultation process. There is no formal policy to set the linguistic character of any new school, it is however, considered based on the demand and availability of school places before any decision is taken. The evidenced based demand can be assessed as follows:

  • three Welsh-medium primary schools have a combined capacity of 689 places
  • three Welsh-medium primary schools have a combined number on roll of 622
  • The surplus position which exists within Welsh-medium primary sector is 67 places  

This approach was carried out prior to taking the decision to move to launch the formal consultation on this proposal.

What is the catchment area for the new school and can children from outside of this area apply for admission?

The catchment area is the term used to describe the geographical area served by a school. All primary schools in Newport have a designated catchment area, and priority for admission is afforded to pupils confirmed as living within this agreed boundary. This does not however preclude applications being made by pupils living outside the catchment area, it simply means that their applications have a lower priority. The proposed catchment area for the new school is shown visually on page 14 of the formal consultation pack. 

What provision is being made to support the increased demand for secondary education in the Bassaleg area?

The council’s planning of school places group meets regularly to assess current and future demand. This includes primary and secondary provision across all areas of the city. Bassaleg School has sufficient capacity to meet demand from children living in the designated catchment area during the phase transfer process for Year 6 to Year 7. 

Is a doctor’s surgery being built on the Jubilee Park development?

We are unable to comment on any future plans for the Jubilee Park development.  

I have recently or am about to move into a property on the estate. How will I find information about the new school?

Letters were delivered to all properties within the catchment area on the consultation launch date. Families who have moved after this date can find information on the council website or pick up a consultation pack at any of the three sales offices on the Jubilee Park development.  

I will be moving to a property on the Jubilee Park development and have a child who is eligible to apply for a place in the September 2017 reception year group at the new school. What will happen to my application?

When determining your application the council will use the address at which you live on the closing date for receipt of applications.

We cannot take account of any anticipated or actual changes in circumstances that may occur after the closing date including exchange of contracts notifications.

We may be required to verify your home address using the council tax database when processing your application.  

I am living on the Jubilee Park development and my child is already in a primary school but I want to apply for transfer to the new school when it opens in September 2017. How and when can I apply?

Admissions to all year groups other than nursery and reception are called in-year transfers.

You can apply for an in-year transfer up to a school term in advance, in this case from 24 April 2017.

The 2017/18 in-year transfer application form will be available on this website during April 2017 and will be processed on a first-come first-served basis from 24 April 2017. 

What specific properties fall into the catchment area for the new school?

The entire Jubilee Park development, plus the section of Tregwilym Road between the Tregwilym Lodge Nursing Home and the railway bridge.  

Will the current catchment area for Bassaleg school be amended as a result of this proposal?

There are no current plans to amend school catchment areas across the city.  

Is there any provision in the local area for wrap-around care for nursery age children?

If there is enough demand we will work with local private providers and specialist organisations (Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids Clubs) to develop out of school childcare for children in the local area.  

What curriculum will be followed at the new school?

The same as is in place across other primary schools in Newport. The school curriculum is learner focussed, places an emphasis on skills development and ensures that it is appropriate for the specific needs of Wales.  

What is being done to alleviate the traffic congestion in the area?

Unfortunately we are unable to comment on traffic issues.   

Will the decision to formally establish the school be taken before places are allocated on 31 March and if not, what will happen?

The current timeline assumes that a final decision on the proposal will be taken towards the end of spring term 2017. It is possible that the outcome of admission applications will be issued before this final decision is made public. If this is the case, the offer of a place at the school will be made 'in principle' pending the final decision.  

What admissions criteria will be used for 2017 applications for children currently living on Jubilee Park?

Applications will be assessed in accordance with the council’s admissions policy which applies to all schools in Newport. Where a school is oversubscribed, the council’s published over-subscription criteria will be applied to determine priority for places.

View the council’s School Admissions Policy (pdf) incorporating the published over-subscription criteria.  

If a distance criterion is used, how will this be calculated?

This is based on the distance between home and school and is measured as the shortest available walking route determined using official routes know to the council and highways agencies as the Safe Walking Network.

Read more in School Admissions Policy (pdf).  

When will the governing body and staff be appointed?

The current timeline assumes that a final decision on the proposal will be taken towards the end of the spring term 2017. Once the decision is taken, a temporary governing body will be appointed who will be responsible for appointing a headteacher and agreeing a staffing structure.