Welsh education planning

The council recently consulted on its Welsh in Education Strategic Plan 2022-2032.

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Newport's Welsh Education Forum (WEF) is a partnership between Newport City Council, our maintained schools, and other partners with an interest in Welsh education in Newport.

The group supports the implementation of Newport's Welsh in Education Strategic Plan (WESP) (pdf).

Download Welsh in Education Strategic Plan Annual Report 2020 (pdf)

Download the Welsh Government letter approving Newport's WESP (pdf)

Download the WEF terms of reference (pdf)

Welsh Education Forum members

Membership includes:

There is also a promotion of Welsh in education sub-group which looks at how Welsh-medium education is promoted and how demand can be stimulated.

Both groups work towards the target outlined in the council's Welsh Language Strategy 2017-2022 (pdf).

Read our Becoming Bilingual page for more information on Welsh-medium education.  


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