Becoming bilingual

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Welsh-medium education is available to everyone, give your child the chance to become fluent in English and Welsh.   

Watch Newport parents talking about their experience of bilingual education on YouTube.  

What does being bilingual mean?

It’s the ability to live your everyday life using two languages.

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How are Welsh and English taught in a Welsh-medium school?

Children in Welsh-medium schools in Newport study both English and Welsh and become fluent in both languages.

When children begin learning Welsh, they will be immersed in the language from the start but staff are flexible and will use English if needed to help the children.

Welsh is the language of education in the Foundation Phase (nursery to Year 2) and children will then have lessons in English and will use English in their lessons across the curriculum.  

In Newport there are currently three Welsh-medium primary schools, all with a nursery attached, and one new Welsh-medium secondary school. A new Welsh-medium primary school will also open in September 2021. 

Welsh-medium schools in Newport                       
Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd             Ysgol Bro Teyrnon           Ysgol Ifor Hael logo           
Ysgol Cymraeg Nant Gwenlli logo Ysgol Gyfun Gwent Is Coed    


What are the benefits of being bilingual?

  • you will have an additional skill on your CV and more employment opportunities
  • you can communicate in people’s choice of language
  • it’s fun being bilingual and being a part of Wales’ bilingual culture 

Who can attend Welsh-medium education?

Welsh-medium education is available for everyone, 98% of parents of children in Newport’s Welsh-medium schools do not speak Welsh.

With parents who don’t speak Welsh in the majority, schools provide everything in English and Welsh. 

Further information

If you’d like to talk about your child going to a Welsh-medium school or bilingual activities for babies and children please contact Menter Iaith Casnewydd.                                  

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