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GCSE courses are enjoyable, challenging and rewarding and offer a valuable qualification for self-development, improving employment prospects and access to higher education.

This course requires a commitment to homework, self-study, classroom-based assessments and end of year written examinations.

You will receive excellent teaching, support, feedback and encouragement throughout the course.

GCSE Maths & GCSE English

Please contact us for or further information on GCSE courses.

Introduction to Carbon Literacy

Our Introduction to carbon literacy courses will help you understand your carbon footprint and show you the steps you can take to reduce your impact on the planet.


Introduction to Teaching Assistant 

This course will help you to gain the skills required to complete a Teaching Assistant qualification.

Course ID: NA073

Venue: St Julian’s Community Learning and Library Centre

Start date: 03/05/2024

Day: Fridays

Start/end time: 9:30 - 11:30am

Course duration: 8 weeks

Cost: £50 (concessions £30)

Food Safety

New for 2023/24, the Highfield Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Catering is an intensive one-day course which will ensure that students have the necessary knowledge and skills to understand the principles of cleanliness and hygiene as well as keeping food products safe. Details of courses will appear here.

First Aid for Mental Health

New for 2023/24, the Highfield Level 2 Award in Introduction to First Aid for Mental Health will enable leaners to develop the skills needed to assist with mental health issues in the workplace and to provide basic mental health support or to be the first response to someone in need. Details of courses will appear here.



For more information and to discuss eligibility for these courses, please e-mail [email protected] or telephone 01633 656656 and ask for St Julian’s Community Learning & Library Centre.