Tree Preservation Orders

A tree preservation order (TPO) is placed if the council decides that a tree has a high aesthetic value.

A TPO means that formal consent or permission is needed before any work is carried out on the tree.

Trees covered by TPOs must never be cut down or pruned unless permission is received from the council.

If a tree is covered by a TPO OR is in a conservation area OR is covered by conditions attached to planning permission and you wish to carry out work, you must first apply for permission or consent.

Which trees are covered by a TPO?

Contact the council below to find out if a tree is protected by a TPO.

A copy of a TPO can be requested for £20 to cover Ordnance Survey fees. 

Make a tree enquiry

Report unauthorised work

If you see work being carried out on a tree you believe to be covered by a TPO please contact the green services team at Newport City Council and we will check. 

Trees on development sites - what we expect

Read the Trees, woodland, hedgerows and development sites Supplementary Planning Guidance (pdf)

Apply for consent for tree works

You will need to register with the Planning Portal and you can then complete your application form, upload supporting documents and pay fees online.

Registering and applying online allows you to work on your application in draft before submission as well as giving you:

  • immediate delivery and acknowledgement

  • savings on postage and printing costs

  • an online record of your completed applications

If you prefer you can download a copy of the application form.

Requesting a TPO

If there is a tree you feel should be protected by a TPO please contact us with:

  • details of where the tree is, with a plan showing the location

  • the type of tree

  • why you think the tree should be protected

A council officer will then assess the tree and make a decision. 

There is no charge for a TPO application and it can take up to six weeks to process.


Contact Newport City Council and ask for the green services team