Planning applications and trees

Trees affected by planning applications

Planning applications must provide information on existing trees and other landscape features.

Detail of which trees are to be retained at a site and which are to be felled must be included with the application.

Where sites have trees with merit, a site survey will normally include an assessment of the trees and provide information about the health and aesthetic value of each tree, and its suitability within the context of the proposed site development.

All tree surveys should be to BS 5837:2012.


Trees can house bat roost sites.

Bats are a protected species and a bat survey may be required before any works to the tree are carried out.

Please note…

It is a criminal offence to intentionally, deliberately or recklessly damage, destroy or obstruct access to any structure or place used by a protected species for shelter or protection OR disturb a protected species while it is occupying such a structure/tree.

If there is any doubt about any planned works advice should be sought before work starts.