Vision and Objectives

Vision and Objectives 

As part of the process of preparing the Newport Local Development Plan 2011 – 2026 (the LDP), the Council has to decide on the Vision and Objectives that will help shape the preferred strategy and subsequent policies for Newport from 2011.

The adopted Vision for the Local Development Plan

“As a gateway to Wales, Newport will be a City that celebrates its culture and heritage while being a focus for diverse economic growth. It will be a place that people recognise as a lively, dynamic, growing city, with communities living in harmony in a unique natural environment.”

Follow the link to view the adopted Vision and Objectives for the Local Development Plan.

Three Vision and Objective setting consultation events for the Local Development Plan were held between June and September 2008. As a result of these very useful consultation exercises consultations reports was compiled and Draft Vision and Objectives were produced and consulted on during November and December 2008. The full report including the draft Vision and Objectives is available here. The comments received on the draft vision and objectives have been considered and helped to shape the Strategy for the Newport Local Development Plan.