Strategic Options

Strategic Options

At the Strategic Options stage of the process, the Council engaged with all interested parties in considering main options for the plan. The purpose at this stage was to examine options and set general directions for the plan. Once this stage has been finalised the Council can move onto the more detailed work on specific policies and proposals.

The options cover:

• Housing Numbers

• Housing Delivery

• Housing for Students and Young People

• Housing for the Elderly

• Village Development

• Employment

• Celtic Manor

• Airport

Detail of the options is available in the Strategic Options Report.

Analysis of the representations received will help the council to prepare a Preferred Strategy for the plan.

The Strategic Options was part of a six week consultation process from March to May 2009. The comments received during the consultation period are available to view, via the following link:

Strategic Options Consultation Response

A report setting out the results of the consultation carried out on the Strategic Options for the Local Development Plan is available to view, via the following link:

Cabinet Member Report: Strategic Options Consultation Response

The options need to be at least reasonably realistic, as far as can be assessed at this preliminary stage before full evaluation. Inclusion of any option will not imply council endorsement, but will be part of the process of identifying and assessing alternatives with a view to eventually selecting a preferred option taking relevant information and consultation results into account. The gathering of evidence with regard to options will be an important part of preparing a sound plan.

The Strategic Options will be fed through the Sustainability Appraisal incorporating Strategic Environmental Assessment that is an important part of the plan preparation process

For further information, please see the Plan’s Delivery Agreement, or contact the Planning Policy Team on 01633 656656, or email[email protected]