Draft vision, issues and objectives

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Where are we now and where are we trying to get to?

Newport City Council is preparing a Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP) to cover the period 2021-2036.

When adopted this will replace the current Local Development Plan (LDP).  

The RLDP will contain policies and proposals which together will provide for the development needs and aspirations of the city as well as protecting and enhancing its social, cultural and environmental assets.

The council is in the very early stages of preparing the RLDP. The council is working towards preparing the preferred strategy, but must first consider:

  • the issues, challenges and opportunities facing Newport;
  • develop the vision for the RLDP and set a number of objectives to meet this; and
  • identify the optimal growth and spatial options available for the RLDP (to follow later in 2022). 

Why do we need to identify a vision, issues and objectives for the RLDP?

Every LDP requires an overarching vision which clearly sets out what it is trying to achieve over the plan period. 

It should set a positive aspirational tone whilst also addressing the specific local needs and challenges for the area. 

The vision will then subsequently inform the objectives of the RLDP to address the identified issues, challenges and opportunities for Newport in further detail. 

The objectives will provide greater detail on how the vision can be achieved through the planning system.

Draft Vision, Issues and Objectives

The council has prepared the below report which sets out what we believe are the key issues, challenges and opportunities facing Newport based on available evidence, and provides a draft vision and objectives for the RLDP. 

Draft Vision, Issues and Objectives (PDF)

Once these have been through a process of engagement they will be used to inform the growth and spatial options for the RLDP, in terms of the amount of growth to be provided for in the RLDP and how that growth will be distributed spatially. 

In undertaking this work the council should have a clear picture which we can develop a series of realistic growth and spatial options. 

Consultation (now closed)

The consultation period for the draft vision, issues and objectives ran from 31 January 2022 to 25 March 2022. This consultation period is now closed.

The comments received within the consultation period will be considered and will inform the revised vision, issues and objectives to be included as part of the preferred strategy anticipated in late 2022.