Matters Arising Changes June 2014

Matters Arising Changes (MACs) to the Revised Deposit Local Development Plan

Newport City Council has consulted on a number of proposed changes that arose as a result of Matter Arising to date during Hearing Sessions 1-19 of the Public Examination. The Schedule also includes a number of minor changes that were made following consultation on the Revised Deposit LDP (June 2013) and reported to Full Council during December 2013 and form part of the submitted Plan.

The MACs were subject to formal consultation, from 20 June 2014 until Friday 1 August 2014.

View the Schedule of Matters Arising Changes (pdf)

View the Register of Representations on the Matters Arising Changes to the Submitted Local Development Plan (pdf)

View the Tracked Changes Matters Arising version of the Local Development Plan June 2014 (pdf)

View the Inset Maps, District Centres and Local Centres (MAC version June 2014)

View the Proposals Map (MAC version June 2014)

View the Constraints Map (MAC version June 2014)

The proposed MACs have been made to the submitted version of the Local Development Plan (December 2013). The policy and paragraph numbering relates directly to the submitted version of the Plan.

Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment have been conducted on the Schedule of Matters Arising Changes June 2014.

Representations received on the Matters Arising Changes will be considered by the Inspector to help determine the soundness of the Plan.

Further information

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