Lawful development certificate

A Lawful Development Certificate (LDC) is a legally binding document issued by a local planning authority to confirm that either:

  • A proposed development does not require planning permission OR
  • that development that has already taken place either did not need planning permission or took place so long ago that it is immune from enforcement action.

A LDC provides proof that a development is lawful and can be produced in the case of any challenges or for a house sale etc.

Apply for LDC on the Planning Portal 

Provide as much accurate and detailed information as possible - the onus of proof is on the applicant to demonstrate that a certificate ought to be issued.


Download the Scale of Fees (pdf).

The fee for a LDC is the same as the fee for a planning application if the development has already been carried out or is operating.

It is half for a proposed development. 


The council's planning team will give further advice but please remember that this will be an informal opinion based on the information that you have provided and is not binding on the council in any way.