The Caerleon Conservation Area was designated in 1970 and extended in 1977.

The conservation area was appraised in 2019 and the boundary revised following a Council resolution on 31 January 2020.

Download a plan of the Caerleon conservation area (pdf). 

The special interest of the Caerleon Conservation Area is mainly drawn from its substantial and significant Roman history, and from medieval and later development which, combined with the surviving Roman elements, has resulted in today’s distinctive townscape.

This combination of two significant strands of history results in Caerleon’s unique character. 

Conservation Area Appraisal

The Caerleon Conservation Area Appraisal (2019) is available to view and sets out the history of the area, what makes the area special and provides recommendations for its preservation and enhancement.

The boundary amendments paper (pdf) sets out how the boundary has been amended from 1977 to 2020. 

Article 4 Direction

The introduction of an Article 4(2) Direction (pdf), removing certain permitted development rights, is in place for the Caerleon Conservation Area.

This Direction means that some alterations to a domestic property cannot be made without the need for planning consent e.g. removal or renewal of windows and doors.

View the notice for the confirmation of the Direction (pdf)

Please note that the effects of the Direction have been in place since 14 February 2020.    

Further information

For further information read the conservation area designation advisory leaflet (pdf) and what that means for owners and occupiers.  

Contact the conservation officer at Newport City Council or email [email protected]