Owner request for property inspection

If you own your home and are concerned regarding defects or disrepair, we can offer an advisory and inspection/survey service to help you. For a fee of £253.12 plus VAT (£303.74 total including VAT) we will:

  • Inspect your property
  • Advise you of any defects present using the Housing Health and Safety Rating System. 

The housing health and safety rating system (HHSRS) is a risk-based evaluation tool to help local authorities identify and protect against potential risks and hazards to health and safety from any deficiencies identified in dwellings. You can find out more infomation on our Housing Conditions and Defects webpage. 

It was introduced under the Housing Act 2004 and applies to residential properties in England and Wales. This assessment method focuses on the hazards that are present in housing. Tackling these hazards will make housing healthier and safer to live in.

We will:

  • Discuss repair works and what is required to rectify disrepair
  • Provide you with a schedule of works which you can provide to contractors to obtain quotes. This will help contractors quote for exact work and you should see no additional extra work. 
  • The schedule of work will help you also obtain a breakdown of costs from contractors that you engage with.
  • The advice the officer will provide will help you decide on which contractor to choose, as you will see the breakdown of costs that you will receive when you engage quoting. 
  • The officer will help you to assess completed works – as the officer during the visit will advise you what work is required and what it should look like completed.
  • The inspecting officer is a professional competent hosing inspector with appropriate qualifications who can be trusted.  The inspection officer will be either an Environmental Health Officer or a Senior Technical Officer.
  • The officer will provide advice on any organisations who may be able to provide funding – this is dependent on benefit receipt. 



Apply for a property inspection/survey


You can also download an application form (Word). 

To apply, we will receive payment and please complete the application form and send it to [email protected] or post to:

Environmental Health Housing, 

Newport City Council, 

Godfrey Road, 

Newport NP20 4UR

We will contact you to make an appointment to inspect the property and you will receive the schedule of works within two weeks of the inspection. 

Please note certain repair works may require Planning or Building regulation approval:

Planning and building control regulations

The property owner, or others with control of the property, is responsible for ensuring that all necessary planning or building regulation approvals have been obtained.

The application for owner property inspection/survey does not imply that the required planning permission or building regulations has been complied with or is being applied for.

If you would like to query any work, please email [email protected] or [email protected] for further information.