Housing Statutory Nuisance

Environmental Health Housing statutory nuisance

If you experience problems with:

  • Dampness caused by a neighbouring property
  • Severe nuisance from animal faeces in a neighbouring property/(ies) where land is completely covered in faeces e.g. from dogs, chickens, pigeons, bird feeding or squirrels
  • A boiler flue blowing from a neighbouring property into your home
  • Your heating in a private let property being defective and not working, meaning you have no hot water or heating
  • Your landlord disconnecting services – gas, electric, water
  • Defective drainage that is causing sewerage to leak everywhere
  • Accumulations present covering the whole garden of a property
  • Rodents present in private let properties presenting a large infestation
  • Insulation between dwellings defective and insufficient to allow unacceptable noise to pass to you inside your property
  • Your neighbour feeding birds which is attracting rodents which are presenting a severe infestation

You can take action including reporting to Newport City Council.

Report a housing nuisance

There's details of how to get in touch on our contact us page

Prior to complaining, you should speak with the person or private landlord causing the nuisance as they may not realise and will often want to help.

Report a Housing Environmental Health Nuisance 

Our 'how we deal with environmental health housing nuisance requests' page tells you what will happen if/after you report a nusiance. 

You can also check our 'how to prevent housing nuisances' page for tips on how to try and avoid problems developing.