If you identify accumulations of waste or overgrowth on private land (including gardens/front forecourts/rear yards of residential and commercial premises), please contact us

The Environmental Health Housing team will make contact to discuss the case. Then will then arrange to visit to assess the situation and will take pictures. Sometimes with such accumulations or overgrowth such affected premises may attract or be infested with rodents.

The team will lay non-toxic indicator blocks to assess rodent presence. If the indicator blocks are taken/eaten this is classified as a positive indicator of rodents.  Oppositely if the indicator blocks remain untouched, this will show no rodent infestation. The officer will assess:

  • What accumulations are present / what overgrowth is present 
  • Whether accumulations are inert or non-inert
  • The size of the accumulation / overgrowth
  • The accumulation / overgrowth location
  • Whether evidence is present of who the accumulation was left by
  • Whether accumulations / overgrowth will attract rodents 
  • Whether accumulations / overgrowth will provide bedding for rodents

We will contact the property owner who is liable for removing the accumulation / overgrowth on private land (including gardens/front forecourts/rear yards of residential and commercial premises).

They will request the removal and disposal of the accumulation / cutting back, removal and disposal  of the overgrowth via Waste & Recycling.

If the owner wishes and are aware of contract-holders prior or present who have disposed of the accumulation, they may be able to take Civil action. An official complaint, made by a person or company in a law court against another person who is said to have done something to harm them, that is dealt with by a judge. If you wish to take Civil action, we recommend you contact a private solicitor. 

If the owner does not comply, Officers can act under The Environmental Protection Act 1990, Section 80 or The Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1990, Section 4. 

If Sharps/Needles are present on private land to which the public have ready access (without deliberate trespassing) please contact us as we may be able to assist.

Enforcement procedures are available where informal action is unsuccessful or inappropriate.

Download the Public Protection Enforcement policy (pdf)