Information for developers

For an informal discussion about an empty property or further information on any of the topics below, please email [email protected] or telephone 01633 656656 and ask for the Housing Strategy and Delivery team.

Landlord loans

The Safe, Warm and Secure loan scheme is funded by the Welsh Government to offer interest-free loans to landlords who need to carry out repairs or modernisation to their properties. The works can include anything to improve the safety, energy-efficiency or security of the home. 

Find out more about landlord loans.

VAT reduction

If you are renovating an empty residential property, you could be eligible for a reduced VAT rate of 5% on renovation costs, as detailed in VAT Notice 708 issued by HM Revenue and Customs.

If you require a letter confirming that the property has not been lived in for at least two years to provide to HMRC, please email [email protected] or contact Newport City Council on 01633 656656 and ask for the Housing Strategy and Delivery team.  


Private Sector Leasing Scheme

Newport City Council leases some private properties directly from owners, usually on a five-year lease, for temporary accommodation when needed. Find out more about the Private Sector Leasing Scheme.

Vulnerable People Relocation Scheme

The VPRS is a team within the council which supports the resettlement of vulnerable refugees who are fleeing conflict. The VPRS receives Home Office funding to deliver their work, including sourcing appropriate family accommodation. The team is in need of properties to support this vital work.

The team will ensure that there are no void periods and rent is paid on regular basis. Tenancies are normally from 1 to 2 years. Any non-structural maintenance work will usually be addressed by the team (if, or when, LHA rates is agreed by landlords). If you would like someone to contact you about this project, please email [email protected] or telephone 01633 656656 and ask for the Housing Strategy and Delivery team.

Rent Smart Wales

From 23 November 2015 it is a legal requirement that all private property rentals in Wales are registered under the Rent Smart Wales scheme. If you manage the property, you will also need to be licensed under the scheme or employ a licensed agent to manage your property. 

Landlord support

Our Housing Needs service offer support to landlords on legal rights and responsibilities.

Landlords’ Forum

Newport has a Landlords’ Forum, supported by the council, to help landlords through the exchange of news and information.


If you are planning to convert a property into flats or shared accommodation, you will need to apply for planning permission and obtain approval under building regulations.

Our Supplementary Planning Guidance explains how the council considers planning applications for HMOs. 

For properties converted into rented accommodation, there are two schemes which landlords are legally required to comply with: 

Rent Smart Wales for all rental properties including HMOs

HMO licensing if there are three or more unrelated people forming more than two households in the same building, the property must have a licence. The Environmental Health Housing team offer a pre-licence advisory service for people proposing to convert a property to a HMO. 

Stock of properties

Newport City Council no longer has its own housing stock. Find out about other council property for sale or lease.

If you are looking for an empty property as a development project, there are auction houses and commercial estate agents covering the Newport area. 

Compulsory purchase orders and enforced sales of residential properties are rare. Any privately owned properties for sale as the result of enforcement action by the council are normally sold at auction.

Owners who are willing to sell will normally do so through an auction house or estate agent.

We do not provide lists of privately owned empty homes, even under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, as public interest exemptions apply.