Book Prescription Wales

Book Prescription Wales offers selected high quality self-help books to people with mild to moderate emotional problems. 

Books can often help people to cope with emotional problems

GPs and other health professionals have the list of selected books and may recommend a title to a patient who can then take details of the recommended book to the library.

You don’t have to be an existing member of the library

If you are not a member, you may be asked to sign a membership form.

If the book is on loan to another reader we will get a copy from another library for you.

The book can be borrowed for between four and eight weeks and may be renewed.

View the NHS Wales Book Prescription Wales leaflet  

View the Book Prescription Wales booklist (2011) 

A self-help book can be used in addition to any medication that has been prescribed, or while the patient is waiting to see a counsellor or mental health specialist. 

This approach may not be suitable for everyone and may not always be effective, but there is now good evidence to show that books can often help.