Public rights of way


Using Public Rights of Way (PROW)

Many PROWs, such as footpaths, cross private land and working farms.

You have a legal right to 'pass and re-pass' along a PROW and it is essential that you follow the rules and countryside code when doing so:

  • Keep to the line of the path and follow directional way markers. If it is a new area or walking route to you, plan ahead and check before you begin your walk on an OS map or using our online maps. If you find any issues with way-marking, tell us and we will investigate
  • Do not stop for an extended period of time or play sports games when using public rights of way on private land
  • Leave gates as you find them - if closed, close them behind you, if open, leave them open
  • Use the identified gaps, stiles and gates provided to cross field boundaries – do not climb over fences or walls
  • Keep your dog under close control, ideally on a short lead, vital when walking through fields with livestock as the presence of a dog can worry other animals, particularly if they have lambs or calves with them. If in doubt do not take a dog into a field that contains livestock
  • Always bag and bin your dog’s poo wherever you are, never leave bags of dog poo lying around, even if you intend to pick them up later. In both cases this can seriously harm livestock. Read more about dog walking in the countryside 

Remember social distancing when using public footpaths, try to limit contact with stiles and gates and carry a hand sanitiser to use after you’ve touched any surface.

Read more on the countryside code.

There are around 300km / 186 miles of public rights of way (PROW) within the Newport City Council area, most of which are footpaths (287km / 179.4 miles).

The council manages and maintains this network of paths, working closely with landowners and users to keep the paths to a usable standard. 


Contact Newport City Council and ask for the countryside team.