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Most of the public rights of way in Newport are on private land.

Newport City Council is responsible for maintaining the surface of the route and the council, landowners and users have responsibilities for ensuring that the path is kept safe and accessible.


The council is responsible for keeping the surface of any public rights of way clear from vegetation.

Landowners are responsible for cutting back hedges, trees or shrubs overhanging the route.


The council has a statutory duty to remove all obstructions to a public right of way.

We will check any reported obstruction and take legal action if necessary.


The council has a duty to signpost a public right of way where it leaves a tarmacked road.

Signs can be found along the route to help users.

Ploughing and cropping

Paths that run across fields may be ploughed or cropped but must be reinstated within 14 days

Rights of way that run along the edge of fields - known as headland paths - should not be ploughed or cropped. 

Stiles and gates

Stiles and gates must be safe to use and landowners are responsible for maintaining these on public rights of way which cross their land. 


Newport City Council is responsible for maintaining most footbridges and bridle bridges. 


Contact Newport City Council and ask for the countryside team