Cost of living support - FAQs

General information

Can it be taken off the council tax bill?

No, this is a payment towards the cost of living and not a council tax rebate.  The only connection to council tax is that it’s going to occupiers of properties in bands A, B, C & D as well as all households that get council tax reduction (previously known as council tax benefit).


Will everyone get it?

Yes, as long as you occupied a property on 15 February 2022 that is in bands A-D or were in receipt of council tax reduction.


Is it means tested?

No, everyone living in a property in bands A-D or who receives council tax reduction will get the payment.


Do I have to pay it back?

No, there is no requirement to pay it back.


What about occupiers of higher banded properties?

This scheme only applies to bands A-D this is around 2/3 of the total dwellings in Newport.


I own a Newport property but don’t live there, will I get a payment?

No. Payments will not be made for any second homes or empty properties.


I’m exempt from paying council tax because I am a care leaver. Will I get a payment?

Those that are exempt and don’t pay council tax like care leavers or severely mentally impaired persons will also get a payment. At the moment we don’t know how students and other exempt people will be treated.


I moved to Newport after the 15 February 2022 will I get a payment?

If you moved in after 15 February 2022, the payment will be based on where you actually lived on 15 February: if this was in a different council area you will need to apply to that council.




How do I register for a payment?

People who pay their council tax by direct debit do not need to register. Non direct debit payers will need to complete a simple registration form

This will be on our website from April when the scheme opens. Check our website from April for updates.


Why are direct debit payers getting paid first?

We already have their bank account details so it’s a more straightforward process.


When will registration be open?

This will hopefully be live on our website during April.


What Information do I need to register?

You will need some information from your council tax bill and your bank details, so that we can pay you.


Once registered how long will it be before I get my payment?

We are expecting around 25,000 people to register. It will take time to process those details, which will be dealt with in the order they are received.


If I set up a direct debit will I be paid sooner?

Yes, you won’t need to register and we will have your details ready to pay you.