Newport Matters production costs

It is important that a public body, such as a council, communicates regularly with the people and communities it serves.

Newport Matters is Newport City Council's newspaper for residents and is produced six times a year.

It has a distribution of approximately 69,000 copies per edition and is published, printed and delivered to every address in Newport for around 4p per edition per resident.

Many Newport residents do not have access to the internet or digital news mediums and research shows that Newport Matters is still valued in printed form.

Efforts are made to minimise production costs including regular tenders and obtaining advertising income.

For the full financial year 2016/17, Newport Matters had a net cost to the council of £36,562.89 which is around 0.01% of the council’s annual budget of £264 million.

All editorial content and design is produced in-house although no council staff are employed only to work on Newport Matters.

Its production forms part of a wider remit of communications including PR, media relations, social media, crisis management, website content, marketing and corporate design.

Newport Matters is printed by Trinity Mirror but is subject to a regular tendering process.

Residents receive 6 editions a year for an annual cost to the council of 26 pence per person – less than half the cost of a second class stamp (65p).

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Number of editions per year





5 (May edition cancelled - Covid-19)

Gross printing cost for 6 editions


£16,488 £16,005 £12,393.50 £10,357.13

Gross delivery cost for 6 editions






Advertising income for 6 editions






Annual net cost for 6 editions






Average net cost per edition






Average net cost per resident per year






Average net cost per resident per edition