Celebratory service fees

Naming and vow renewal ceremonies 2024

To book a ceremony, a fee of £70.00 (non refundable) is payable.

Once booked you will receive an information pack with details and suggestions for planning and personalising your ceremony.

You will be asked to book an appointment about six weeks before your ceremony to meet your celebrant so that paperwork can be prepared and we can discuss how to personalise your ceremony.

Ceremonies can take place in the Mansion House or in any other approved premise.

The fee to conduct the ceremony and enter it into the Civic Record will depend on the day and your choice of venue.


Mansion House

Other Approved Premises

Monday – Friday









Bank Holiday and extra statutory days



Commemorative certificates are available at a cost of £11.00.

Approved premise ceremony fees are payable for the attendance of the registration team and are in addition to those charged by the venue.