Survey says Newport is improving as a place to live

Posted on Wednesday 16th March 2016


Newport is a great place to live and becoming even better according to a new survey.

Regeneration and a boost in the local economy thanks to the £90 million Friars Walk development can take credit for people changing their perceptions.

Results from the survey of the Winter Citizens Panel show that back in 2013 only 24.8 per cent agreed with the statement Newport is becoming a better place to live - now more than 70 per cent - a massive jump of 45 per cent - agree.

Those who took part in the survey conducted by Newport City Council Partnership and Policy Team also agreed Newport is a good place to live - 60.81 per cent in January 2016 compared to just 42.58 per cent in April 2013.

Those who say they are proud to come from Newport are also growing in numbers - from 33 per cent in April 2013 to 43.99 per cent in January 2016.

The survey results have been welcomed by Councillor John Richards, Cabinet member for Regeneration and Investment who said the results were a massive boost to the city and proved the Council's VVP (Vibrant and Viable Places) programme of investment was worthwhile.

"This survey shows that more and more people are behind our regeneration programme and the city is reaping the rewards of investment with a boost to our local economy and more and more people being able to find work.

"This bodes really well for future investment in our city and shows regeneration is really important. It is amazing to see such a boost to the figures, from around 25 per cent of people saying Newport is becoming a better place to live back in 2013 to a massive 70 per cent this year.

"Improving local people's perception creates that confidence that will results in even more investment in the city," said Cllr Richards.


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