Visit Newport city centre this Small Business Saturday for a chance to win a gift card!

Posted on Friday 1st December 2023
Small Business Saturday Sharers 2023 - GIFT CARD

Newport City Council is pleased to support Newport Now Business Improvement District (BID) to offer amazing prizes to visitors to Newport city council this Saturday.

Visitors to Newport tomorrow (December 2) will be handed free money to spend in the city centre.

To mark Small Business Saturday, Newport City Council has partnered with the Newport Now BID to give out 100 of the BID’s gift cards in the city centre.

The gift cards can be spent at more than 50 participating businesses in the city centre, ranging from shops to pubs, cafes to art galleries.

The cards will be in special ‘Load This Card’ envelopes.

Follow the instructions on the envelope to load the card with money and then gift it to a loved one.

However, some of the cards being handed out will each already be loaded with money ranging from £100 to £10.

These envelopes will contain presentation cards saying ‘Congratulations! You’ve Won’.

Newport Now BID manager Kevin Ward said: “The 100 gift cards will be handed out in the city centre by the BID’s Street Ambassadors between 10am and 3pm.

“If you are handed one by our blue-uniformed Ambassadors then make sure you check whether the gift card inside is already loaded with cash to spend with our fantastic local businesses.

“Small Business Saturday is all about supporting local businesses – and that is precisely what our gift cards do all year round.”

Councillor Jane Mudd, leader of Newport City Council, said: “We are very pleased to be able to support Newport Now BID and bring a little more Christmas cheer to people who are visiting Newport city centre.

“Newport does have a great offering and we are particularly proud of our local businesses. We encourage everyone to shop local and support Newport businesses on Small Business Saturday, for Christmas and beyond.”

Newport Now gift cards can be purchased online at


Newport City Council is again supporting Small Business Saturday and highlighting the amazing independent businesses Newport has to offer.

Small Business Saturday takes place on Saturday 2 December 2023. The long-running campaign aims to encourage people to 'shop local' and make a positive contribution to their community.

Whether you are planning your Christmas shopping or looking to support the local economy generally, there are a wealth of goods and services on offer that all promise that local, special touch.

From cafés and pubs, grocers and florists, jewellery and clothing, to gifts, arts, crafts and hobbies, there is a great variety on offer in Newport.

Councillor Jane Mudd, Leader of Newport City Council, said: “Our small businesses are vital to the success and prosperity of Newport and make such a positive contribution to the vibrancy of the city.

“I invite everyone to explore these gems, shop local, and support Newport businesses on Small Business Saturday, for Christmas and beyond.

“We are also here to support local businesses. Our specialist team offers expert advice and our various grant schemes can provide financial assistance for businesses, whether they are starting up, developing or relocating. To find out more about the support available contact our business support team.”

If you run a local small business, you can register with Small Business Saturday at

Why shop local?

Supporting the local economy

When you shop locally, more money stays within the community. Local businesses often source their products locally, which means the money you spend circulates within the community, supporting other local businesses and services. Research shows that for every £10 spent with a local independent business, £50 goes back into the local economy.

Creating jobs

Local businesses are significant employers within communities. By supporting them, you're helping to create and maintain jobs for local residents and promoting economic stability.

Distinctive products and services

Local businesses often offer products and services that you might not find in larger, mainstream stores. By shopping locally, you can discover one-of-a-kind items and experiences.

Environmental impact

Supporting local businesses can reduce the environmental impact of your purchases. Local products often have a smaller carbon footprint because they travel shorter distances to reach consumers.

Preserving local character

Locally-owned shops and businesses often reflect the unique character of a community. They contribute to the distinctiveness of a place, making it more appealing for residents and visitors alike.

Social interaction

When you shop at local stores, you're likely to meet and interact with other members of your community, fostering a sense of belonging and social cohesion.

Support for businesses

Newport City Council works closely with many other organisations including the business improvement district (BID), public, private and third sector parties to improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural wellbeing of the city.

Our specialist team offers expert advice, practical, and financial assistance for businesses, whether they are starting up, developing or relocating.

Our long running grant schemes have provided help with start-up and other costs for many and continues to do so. Additional rate support for eligible city centre businesses in 2023/24 was also awarded to help their ongoing recovery post-pandemic.

Most recently, an accelerated growth programme was launched offering grants towards capital investment to both existing companies and inward investors.

For more information visit

A new way to find out what's on in Newport

What’s On City of Newport is a new events portal where you can explore all the amazing events Newport has to offer - together in one place.

Browse them all, or search for what excites you most - the choice is yours.

Newport has a growing reputation as host of major events such as the marathon and we have some great regular events like the countdown to Christmas. But there is so much more going on across the city.

However, there wasn’t a single place where all these events could be uploaded and viewed altogether – but now there is!

The council, working with organisations across the city, has created a new events portal for exploring all that Newport has to offer – one we can all contribute to, and we can all use.

From talks and walks, live music and performances, to late-night shopping, community events and job fairs – it’s all there.

If you are hosting an event in Newport, make sure you submit details – it’s just a simple form and it will be there for all to see.

Take a look at and support our city.

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