Twelve Newport shops closed for selling illegal tobacco

Posted on Friday 25th March 2022

Twelve Newport shops each selling thousands of pounds worth of illegal tobacco have been closed since the start of the year following targeted investigations led by Newport City Council.

The shops, listed below, have each been closed under three-month ASB closure orders issued by Gwent Magistrates’ Court:



Closure Order Ends

Newport Mini Market

153 Chepstow Road, Newport

19 April 2022

Caerleon Mini Market

153 Caerleon Road, Newport

19 April 2022

Pill Mini Market

46 Commercial Street, Newport

26 April 2022

Cromwell Store

43 Cromwell Road, Newport

9 May 2022

NP Mini Market

7B Westgate Buildings, Newport

11 May 2022

Nazar Mini Market

184-186 Corporation road, Newport

11 May 2022

F Mayberry

154 Commercial Street, Newport

23 May 2022

International Supermarket

54 Commercial Street, Newport

2 June 2022

Crystal Market

55 Commercial Street, Newport

2 June 2022

Blue Fanta

424 Chepstow Road, Newport

16 June 2022

Blue Fanta #1

10 Gloster Place, Newport

16 June 2022

Corpa Mini Market

333 Corporation Road, Newport

23 June 2022

The council’s trading standards team lead the investigations into the illegal tobacco sales. The team were supported by partners from Gwent Police, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, Ash Wales, South Wales Fire and Rescue, Newport NOW, HM Customs and Excise, representatives from the tobacco industry and officers from Operation CeCe, a specialist trading standards team tackling illegal tobacco.

It is estimated that the closures will have prevented illegal tobacco sales amounting to around £375,000.

The sale of illegal tobacco undermines key tobacco control measures and funds criminal activity in local communities. A survey by Ash Wales found that the illegal tobacco market makes up 15% of all tobacco sales in Wales, with a higher prevalence in deprived communities.

Anyone with information relating to the sale of illegal tobacco is urged to report it, anonymously, via:

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