Support for Ukraine

Posted on Friday 18th March 2022

Newport has a long history of giving sanctuary to refugees, asylum seekers and migrants to the city, and we stand in solidarity with the people of the Ukraine, and those in neighbouring countries who have been affected by the invasion.

We are heartened to see the level of public support for the Homes for Ukraine scheme and are working with Welsh Government to support the arrival of Ukrainian refugees in Wales.

While we wait for further detail on the role that local councils can play in supporting national schemes, and funding that will enable us to do this effectively, we are working closely with third sector partners to develop local support and ensuring our key services are ready to respond to new arrivals.

At its last meeting, full council supported a motion deploring the unacceptable aggression that President Putin has taken against the people of Ukraine; bringing war once more to the continent of Europe.

Newport is ready to do what it can to help those having to flee their homes and country as a result of this cruel and unwarranted invasion.

The actions of the Russian government do not respect the rule of international law or the United Nations and are rightly being condemned by democratic nations across the world.

The council supports all efforts to secure a peaceful and diplomatic solution, and for conflict and loss of life to be avoided.


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