Cromwell Road update

Posted on Monday 13th September 2021

Work is continuing to repair the void under part of Cromwell Road and it is hoped this will be completed as soon as possible.

Investigations had to be carried out to find the cause of the problem before remedial works could be carried out.

It was discovered that a bricked culvert carrying an historic water course running under the carriageway was damage and water had started to leak through the sides.

This was not confirmed until late on Friday afternoon. Contractors returned to site today after the scheme of works to ensure a long-term solution was agreed.

Contractors have to clean out the culvert and make repairs to the culvert before the road can be reinstated and opened up to traffic again.

The road closure will remain in place except for residents accessing their homes. The pavement also remains open for pedestrians.

We are aware that some drivers did move the safety barriers and bypass the roadworks by driving on the pavement despite the signage in place.

The site was monitored over the weekend and we would urge people not to be so irresponsible. They could be putting lives at risk instead of taking a bit longer for their journey and using the diversion.

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