You've got to bin it to win it, as Litter Lotto launches in Newport

Posted on Tuesday 23rd November 2021

Newport City Council is supporting a new prize draw app to offer residents the chance to win prizes just for using litter bins.

Litter Lotto is a monthly prize draw which offers participants the chance to win prizes ranging from £5 to £10,000.

Players can take part by downloading the Litter Lotto app and uploading a picture of themselves disposing of their litter (or someone else’s) into a bin.

Each player will receive one entry into the monthly prize draw for each picture they upload.

While funding for the prizes comes from Litter Lotto’s corporate partners, the council has been providing technical support to Litter Lotto ahead of the game’s UK launch, and will be promoting the app on bins across the city in a bid to encourage residents to take part.

Councillor Roger Jeavons, deputy leader of the council, said: “I’m delighted that we have been able to support this great initiative.

“We know that clean streets are a priority for the people of Newport, and we’re pleased to be supporting Litter Lotto on new ways to tackle littering.”

David Landsberg, founder and CEO of Litter Lotto, said: “Prior to our app’s development, I invited several councils to provide input and advice from their perspective so I could better understand what features needed to be included.

“I found Newport City Council had a genuine desire to seek a solution to the litter issue, and thank them for their assistance and support.”

For more information, visit the Litter Lotto website or download the app now and start binning!

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