Work completed on active travel route at Coed Melyn

Posted on Wednesday 30th December 2020

Work has recently been completed on creating a new active travel path in Coed Melyn Park.

Newport City Council carried out improvements in the park following on from user feedback about the condition of the existing footpath.

Already a well-used walking route, the path was also identified as a potential off road cycling route from Risca Road through the open space down to Western Avenue.

Funding was secured from Welsh Government to implement enhancements to create an active travel route which resulted in a wider, smoother path surface that benefits users of all abilities.

The construction of the new path surface also incorporated special measures to protect roots of nearby trees.

The low level lighting installed on the path was designed with the environment in mind and to minimise effects on wildlife.

Cllr Roger Jeavons, deputy leader of the council, said “I’m very pleased that we have delivered another active travel route for the residents of Newport.

“We had received some very constructive feedback on the condition of the existing footpath through the park at Coed Melyn, and we have worked not only to remedy those concerns, but also to enhance the path by making it more accessible for all users.

"We are committed as a council to increasing the number of active travel routes across the city, and will be consulting with residents, businesses and community groups in the new year on how and where we can make improvements to the network.”

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