Council to prepare a revised action plan to address air quality issues across the city

Posted on Tuesday 23rd January 2018
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All local authorities have a duty under part IV of the Environment Act 1995 to ensure air quality complies with the provisions of the Air Quality Standards (Wales) Regulations 2010 regarding levels of nitrogen dioxide in the air.

In order to comply with this duty, officers from Environmental Health Newport have been reviewing areas that need attention due to poor air quality from elevated levels of Nitrogen Dioxide caused by high levels of traffic in densely populated areas.

Where air quality fails to meet the required standards, an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) is declared by the local authority.

The introduction of four new AQMAs and the proposed modifications to the existing Orders will enable the council to prepare a revised Action Plan to address the air quality issues in these areas. There are currently nine such AQMAs in Newport.

Proposed new AQMAs include an area near properties which border the M4 at junction 27 High Cross; Cefn Road which forms part of the route from the High Cross M4 junction and Pye Corner; Caerphilly Road (A468) which forms the main route through Bassaleg and out to Machen and Caerphilly, and part of George Street; all of which have air pollution due to traffic congestion.

An existing AQMA at Malpas Road (North), which in the past five years has seen a downward trend in air pollution levels, is no longer required.

Two AQMAs which cover Caerleon Road and Clarence Place/Chepstow Road are to be merged into a single AQMA, while the AQMA covering Malpas Road (South) is to be extended slightly.

Air quality results in Caerleon indicate exceedances outside of the current AQMA boundary. It is proposed the Caerleon AQMA is widened to include the lower section of Caerleon High Street, part of Castle Street and the end of New Road.

The proposed changes reflect the council’s commitment to improve the environment and wellbeing of the city.

A report will now go to Councillor Ray Truman, the Cabinet Member for Licensing and Regulation so formal orders can be drawn up by the legal department of the council.

Residents affected by AQMAs will be notified by letter with full details to be available on the council’s website.

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