Welsh language

A more equal Wales, a Wales of cohesive communities, a Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language

Supporting documents

Download the Welsh Language Annual Report 2020-2021 (pdf)

Download the Welsh Language Standards Implementation Plan draft (pdf)

Download the Compliance Notice (pdf)

Download the draft Welsh Language Annual Report 2019-2020 (pdf)

Download the Welsh Language Annual Report 2018-2019 (pdf)

Download Newport City Council's Welsh Language Strategy 2017-2022 (pdf)

Download Welsh Language Standards Compliance Notice April 2016 (pdf)

Download Welsh Language Annual Report 2016-2017 (pdf)

Download Welsh Language Standards Supplementary Matters Position Report March 2016 (pdf)


For more information contact the corporate policy and diversity officer at Newport City Council.

Where to learn Welsh in Newport

Welsh in education