Equality impact assessments

Fairness and Equality Impact Assessments (FEIAs) are a systematic approach to ensure that the council makes fair decisions, takes relevant evidence into account, and seeks to secure the best outcomes for our communities. 

FEIAs assist us in ensuring that our decision-making process is inclusive and help us to focus on how we can reduce any negative impacts. For example, any new service would be assessed to consider the impact on people that share protected characteristics and identify changes or actions needed to promote fairness across groups.

Our integrated impact assessment approach also considers our legislative responsibilities under:

  • The Equality Act (2010), including the Socio-economic Duty 
  • The Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act (2015)
  • The Welsh Language (Wales) Measure (2011)
  • The Armed Forces Act (2021)

EIAs completed by year


For more information please contact nccequality@newport.gov.uk