Newport West By-election 2019

Newport West Parliamentary By-election

Results of the By- election held 4 April 2019

Results for Newport West
 Candidate     Party    Number of votes   Comment    
 Jonathan CLARKE   Plaid Cymru    1185  
 June DAVIES  Renew  879  
 Matthew EVANS  Conservative      7357  
 Neil HAMILTON  UKIP  2023  
 Ruth JONES  Labour  9308  Elected
 Ryan JONES  Liberal Democrat     1088  
 Ian MCLEAN  Social Democrat  202  
 Hugh NICKLIN  The For Britain Movement  159  
 Richard SUCHORZEWSKI  Abolish the Welsh Assembly  205  
 Philip TAYLOR  Democrats and Veterans  185  
 Amelia WOMACK  Green Party  924  


 Total electorate              63623                   
 Turnout  37.1%


Rejected ballot papers

The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows:
 a) want of an official mark    0     
 b) voting for more candidates than the voter was entitled to  23
 c) writing or mark by which voter could be identified  8
 d) being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty  69
 e) rejected in part  0
 Total  100


Thursday 4 April 2019

Timetable of proceedings 
 Issue of Writ                28 February  
 Receipt of Writ  1 March 
 Publication of Notice of Election   5pm, Tuesday 5 March 
 Publication of Notice of Poll  5pm, Friday 8 March 
 Receipt of nominations  4pm, Friday 8 March 
 Withdrawal of candidate  5pm, Friday 8 March 
 Appointment of election agents  4pm, Friday 8 March 
 Publication of statements of persons nominated  5pm, Friday 8 March 
 Last date for registration  Tuesday 19 March 
 Last date to vary an existing absent vote  Wednesday 20 March
 Receipt of postal vote applications  5pm, Wednesday 20  March
 Receipt of proxy vote applications (except  medical emergency)  5pm, Wednesday 20 March
 Appointment of poll and count agents Thursday 28 March
 Issue of replacement postal ballot papers (lost, undelivered) Friday 29 March
 Receipt of emergency proxy vote applications 5pm, Thursday 4 April
 Last day to issue replacement spoilt or lost postal ballot papers 5pm, Thursday 4 April
 Day of Poll 7am-10pm, Thursday 4 April
 Return of election expenses Friday 10 May
 Inspection of expenses Monday 13 May


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