Information for candidates and agents


Polling agents

Agents must give notice of appointment of polling agents.  There is no limit to the number of polling agents but no more than four may attend at any particular polling station.  To appoint an official polling agent download and return this form by Wednesday 27 April 2022. 

Polling agents are allowed to attend polling stations during the hours of poll to note any irregularities or prevent personation.  Polling agents must not be confused with 'tellers' who have no status at the polling station.

Counting agents

Two people can be appointed to act as counting agents at the counting of the votes. To appoint an official counting agent download and return this form (page two) by Wednesday 27 April 2022.  If the candidate’s spouse/partner wishes to attend the count complete the relevant section in the form. 

All candidates, agents and candidates spouse/partner will be issued with wristbands, which will be available from the election office from Tuesday 3 May 2022. They can also be collected on the morning of the count but this may cause a delay to admission. 

Wristbands will be ward specific and access to the counting area will be limited to candidates and their support during their count and announcement only. 

The opening of the postal votes will run between Friday 22 April 2022 and Thursday 5 May 2022. During this period, stage 1 will take place in the morning, and stage 2 during the afternoon. 

If you would like to attend any of these email [email protected] 


The verification of the ballot boxes will start at approximately 9am on Friday 6 May 2022, at Geraint Thomas National Velodrome of Wales. Counting of votes will begin immediately following the completion of the verification.


Due to the floor surface, you are required to wear rubber soled shoes/trainers (no heels).


Election expenses

Election expenses packs are available from . They must be returned by Thursday 9 June 2022.


Failure to send in a return (even a Nil return) or declaration within the prescribed time constitutes a corrupt practice. The date required for the Notice of Election to be included on the expenses form is Monday 28 March 2022.


Expenditure for parliamentary elections is limited by law and is £806 plus 7p for each entry in the register of electors for the appropriate electoral area.  This total is reduced for joint candidature.


Candidates or election agents are entitled to request one free copy of the Register of Electors for the appropriate electoral area.



Party agents and group representatives have agreed to adopt a guide for the conduct of tellers. Guidance on tellers can be viewed on the Electoral Commission website, or the elections office can provide a printed copy on request.  All polling station staff have also been given a copy.


Election publications

The name and address of the publisher and printer must be printed on election material such as posters or other documents displayed or distributed for the purpose of promoting the elections. Please see Electoral Commission guidance for full information.


It is an illegal practice not to do this.  If a candidate is found by an election court to be personally guilty or guilty by their agents, the election may be void.


Fair campaign pledge

The WLGA has called for all current councillors and candidates to commit to a fair and respectful election campaign, and this has won cross-party support in Newport.

All the leaders of the groups on Newport City Council have given their backing to the pledge 

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