Election timetable

Election timetable (including important deadlines) 

  • Publication of notice of election: Monday 28 March 
  • Receipt of nominations: 28 March- 4pm Tuesday 5 April 
  • Withdrawal of candidate: 4pm Tuesday 5 April 
  • Appointment of election agents: 4pm Tuesday 5 April 
  • Publication of statements of persons nominated: no later than 4pm Wednesday 6 April 
  • Last date for registration applications: Thursday 14 April 
  • Receipt of new postal vote and postal proxy applications, and for changes to existing postal or proxy votes: 5pm Tuesday 19 April 
  • Publication of notice of poll: Tuesday 26 April 
  • Receipt of proxy vote applications (not postal proxy or medical emergency):5pm Tuesday 26 April 
  • Appointment of poll and count agents: Wednesday 27 April 
  • First day to issue replacement lost postal ballot papers: Thursday 28 April 

Day of poll: 7am to 10pm Thursday 5 May

  • Last day to issue replacement spoilt or lost postal ballot papers: 5pm Thursday 5 May 
  • Receipt of emergency proxy vote applications: 5pm Thursday 5 May 
  • Last time to alter the register due to clerical error or court appeal 9pm Thursday 5 May

Verification and count: Friday 6 May 

  • Deadline for return of election expenses for community council elections Monday 6 June           
  • Deadline for return of election expenses for city council elections Friday 10 June 
  • Deadline for postal vote rejection notices Friday 5 August