Digital skills and inclusion

We will develop the digital skills of our citizens, employees and members plus support improved access to digital technology.

What we will achieve in the next 5 years for citizens and business:

  • Improved digital skills for citizens and businesses. To do this we will:
    • Deliver a free digital skills training programme ranging from basic digital literacy to further education development opportunities, working in collaboration with partners including Digital Communities Wales.
    • Signpost citizens and businesses to training opportunities available to them
    • Work in collaboration with educational partners and employers to ensure the availability of digital training. 
  • Improved digital inclusion by providing access to devices. To do this we will:
    • Introduce a tablet loan scheme within the city
    • Support to the use of community focused grant funding to widen access to digital resources
    • Support schools to maintain the local authority recommended number of digital devices so that learners have access to the devices they need.
  • Improved digital inclusion by providing free public wi-fi and signposting free data available. To do this we will:
    • Provide public Wi-Fi in community buildings, city centre and buses
    • Work with the Digital Poverty Alliance to raise awareness and undertake signposting of free data. 
  • Improved digital inclusion driven by customer insight profiling. To do this we will:
    • Work collaboratively with partners to undertake community profile mapping of which communities and areas are digitally excluded
    • Review key demographic data to target support for digital inclusion.
  • Services that are joined up across partners. To do this we will:
    • Work in collaboration with the Digital Inclusion Alliance Wales to deliver on our 6 pledges to eliminate digital exclusion
    • Publicise the digital inclusion work that NCC and partners are delivering across the city.